I hope you guys read my previous post. With great spirit, we started from the place and started covering Coorg wonders.

Day 3 – Coorg

We planned to cover mainly 3 places
1. Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple
2. Talakaveri Temple
3. Dubare Elephant Camp

Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple

Source: Wikipedia

This temple contains Bhagandeshwara (Ishwara), Subramanya, Mahavishnu, and Ganapati temples. The interesting part of the architecture is roof is covered with copper-plated sheets and wooden sheets. Peaceful place. It is on the way to Talakaveri Temple. Triveni sangamam also nearby and water is clean and cold.

After Darshanam ate authentic Coorg veg thali.

Once our tummies got full we headed to Talakaveri Temple. The route is amazing as usual. You will find an amazing view from each and every corner of Coorg. I think Coorg doesn’t have the usual/normal routes.

Talakaveri Temple

It’s the birthplace of the Kaveri river. Very clean, great view, and peaceful. Small Ganesha temple also there.

Steps are attached to the Ganesha temple that leads to Brahmagiri. Great viewpoint. Some people including us thought some temple is there took steps once reached there disappointed because no temple and at the same time got amazed by the fantastic view.

Tejasv calculating height of the mountain 😉

From there headed to Dubare Elephant Camp.

Dubare Elephant Camp

We heard a lot about the Dubare Elephant camp.
1. River rafting starting point is near to the Camp.
2. we can see a lot of elephants more than 10 or 20. The best part is the elephants for the Mysore Dussehra were trained at the Dubare elephant camp.
3. Dubare forest starts from this point.

We didn’t want to go to River rafting because we did it in Rishikesh but still we went there because the path/way which we are going to take us made us excited. The camp is next to the Kaveri river. If we need to go to the elephant camp we need to cross the river. To cross river 2 options are there
1. We can take the boat ride like everyone.
2. We can cross the river by walk.

We chose option 2. Like us, some people loved that option. Next to boat ride starting point rocks are there which become a small path which is partially visible and bit slippery but loaded with lots of fun.

We kept our footwear, wallets, and mobiles in plastic covers and carried there. Once we reach there we saw magnificent elephants. If we give money (Rs.20) to the caretakers of elephants we can feed them, take photos with them.

There are several elephants are there and of all ages too. Some of them in training and some of them went to bathe in the Kaveri river which next to it.

Like kids, we were excited to see elephants and whatever elephants are doing. Then we took the amazing path which we took to come and went back to the hotel.

The hotel which we took is nothing fancy or nothing special we took it because we want to stay in Madikeri so that we can buy Coffee powder, some spices, locally made chocolates. After purchasing these all we booked Jeep for Mandalpatti. Which costed us around Rs.1600.

Day 3 – Coorg to Valiyaparamba


Sunrise at Mandalpatti shouldn’t miss. It’s simply amazing. The view from the peak is spectacular. But the drive up and down in the jeep is a bit scary but exciting because there is no proper road, just some path over stones. My suggestion book a jeep from your hotel room don’t take your car to Mandalpatti.

To see the sunrise you need to start at 5:30am from your hotel. Around 20km distance but the drive will take at least 1 hour. Sunrise is around 6:50am. Once you reach jeep parking point at the peak you need to walk for 5 mins. Then you will be blown away by the spectacular view.

Clouds wrapped mountains like water coming from the sky and flowing through the mountains. When clouds are moving over mountains somewhere in our mind we wanted to believe that we are watching huge and amazing waterfalls.

We were stunned by nature’s beauty and its wonders. For some time I wanted to become a poet but unfortunately unable to find words that will match what I am experiencing, watching and what making me wonder how beautiful this world is and nature is.

Then I witnessed a beautiful sunrise which I am going to cherish for my lifetime.

Then we took loads of pictures and headed to the hotel. After that, we visited Raja’s Seat, Madikeri Fort and headed to Valiyaparamba.


When we entered Kerala we stopped seeing normal houses. Throughout the stretch, we saw big houses. I think jubilee hills residents also feel jealous of them after watching those houses. Some houses have fountains in their garden and some have a ramp to their 1st floor. We thought we will take a pic if we find a normal house believe me we didn’t get a chance to take the pic.

We took Homestay at Edayilekkadu. It’s a small island next to Valiyaparamba. We need to cross beautiful bridges to go there.

Edayilekkadu is a small island which is located in the Kavvayi Backwaters.

We finally reached the beautiful house which we booked to stay and where we wanted to spend our 31st night peacefully. Its name is Lakelet Homestay booked through Airbnb. It’s attached to the backwaters and a great view. There is no boundary wall between the house and the backwaters. We can watch boats passing by like city buses which are there to take you to the next island.

Beautiful house and Cool parking spot for the car.
Venkat enjoying the great view which we got
Garden area and the beautiful view from the room

After check-in enjoyed the view for some time and ordered food from the restaurant nearby for the 31st night out 😉 and left to Valiyapramba beach to watch the beautiful sunset.

I love beaches. What I liked most is almost zero crowd on the beach.

Sat there enjoyed the breeze, sounds made by waves. After some time we watched stars which we miss in our cities and headed back to our room and we spent the 31st night like all except unbearably loud music. Instead of unbearably loud music, it’s filled with the breeze, beautiful sky with stars, birds chirping and calmness.

We woke up the next day went to the beach and played in the water.

We forgot about the time, day to day worries, world and playing like kids until we got a call from the host asking about when we are checking out then we realized 11:00am. Headed back to room freshened up and again took loads of photos.

Then we started the return journey to start our normal lives again.

Peace. Happy Coding.

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