How to edit your WordPress blog or site footer by yourself

According to my knowledge, there are 3 easy ways to edit your WordPress site. In this article, I will share those.

Recently I built my blog using WordPress and deployed at GCP(Google Cloud Platform). At that time I choose one theme and used it. Everything looked great except footer because I felt like I don’t have control over it. I can’t put what I like to put there. As a developer, I am not able to digest. So, I thought I should do something about it then I started exploring a bit and understood there are some ways we can play with the footer. In that, I found 3 ways to handle this matter easily.

You might get a doubt about why I used GCP(Google Cloud Platform) for it so let me answer that. I used GCP(Google Cloud Platform) because using you can deploy your WordPress blog or site free for almost a lifetime. I will share how to do it in another article.

Now my blog and footer is like this

I want to add “Blog by Tankala” next to it. If I purchase the PRO addition I think I get a customization option for it.

So, It’s time to explain the 1st way to edit the footer part.

1st way

We will use the Theme Editor to do this part. You can find it in your Admin panel left navigator bar at Appearance -> Theme Editor.

On the right side, you will see Theme files there you will find the PHP code files which are powering the theme. Now we need to choose Theme Footer (footer.php). This is where the footer magic stays.

I am explaining this on the theme which I am using which is Flash Blog.
Now if you go to the bottom of this file. You will find the below code.

<?php printf(esc_html__('Theme: %1$s by %2$s.', 'flash-blog'), 'Flash Blog', '<a href="">Unitedtheme</a>');

This code is self-explanatory. Here %1$s is getting replaced by Flash Blog and %2$s replaced by Unitedtheme anchor text.

We want to change this to “Blog by Tankala” so I changed this code like below and clicked on the Update File option.

<?php printf(esc_html__('%1$s by %2$s.', 'flash-blog'), 'Blog', '<a href="">Tankala</a>');

Cool our job done. Now my blog footer looks like this

Note: In the code don’t remove the below line if you don’t want to show the footer. I accidentally did that due to that my blog stopped loading.

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

If you don’t want to show footer to your users then 2nd way comes handy. It’s time to know 2nd easy way.

2nd Way

Go to Appearance -> Customize option in your WordPress site admin panel left navigator bar. Then you will get Theme customization options. Now your admin panel looks like this.

We need to remove the footer so we can do that using CSS. You can add your CSS code at Additional CSS option which you will find at the left navigator bar. Click on it add below CSS code there.

.site-footer {
	display: none

Click on the Publish button. Boom! Your footer is gone.

You don’t want to remove the footer but want to add more things then 3rd way comes into handy.

3rd Way

For this you need to go to Appearance -> Widgets option in your WordPress site admin panel left navigator bar.

Now your Admin panel looks like this

Now let’s say you want to add an image to your footer simple. Click on Image then you will get options like where you want to add click on one of the options (Footer Column 1, Footer Column 2, Footer Column 3) and then click on Add Widget.

Now, this widget is added rest you can customize at Footer Column level. I think to discuss these options need separate article and it’s kind of self-explanatory so I am going to skip this part.

Peace. Happy Coding.

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